Camping, dining and leisure in Limburg!

Staying overnight

Do you want to combine your corporate event with an overnight visit?
No problem, how luxurious do you want it to be?

Group hotel

Our group hotel is, given its unique location and characteristics, particularly suitable for groups (to 32 people). The 10 hotel rooms (with private toilet facilities) and three 4-person apartments (naturally also with private toilet facilities) provide the privacy that people desire. The dining room is ideal for a workshop or meeting in a casual setting. The living room and conservatory offer the comfort that could lead to late nights. Want to blow off some steam? Then the sauna cluster is definitely for you! The kitchen has everything you need to prepare meals yourself. If you’d rather not bother during your business gathering then it is also possible to have meals prepared for you on location or to have them catered.

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De Schatberg has a variety of cottages (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-persons), with a wide variety of luxury and comfort.
An excellent base to relax after a hard day’s work.

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At De Schatberg you can find a variety of luxury and comfort styles, also for camping.

Want to go “back to basics” with your team? Or would you rather the luxury of camping with your own kitchen and dishwasher?

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Especially for you!

We’d like to help you with your planning and see what would be the best combination of business, relaxation, good food and overnight stay for your event.
Contact  us to make an appointment with our catering manager.