Camping, dining and leisure in Limburg!

Some interesting facts

Did you know:

  • that in 2017, De Schatberg was awarded 5 stars again by the Dutch ANWB and received  Best Camping status as well! Hip, hip, hurray!
  • that De Schatberg was founded in 1965, which means we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015.
  • that De Schatberg was named Best Camping 20015 by ANWB and ADAC.
  • that De Schatberg was named best campsite in the Netherlands 2014 by the German Camping Club (DCC).
  • that most facilities at De Schatberg are REALLY open all year round.
  • that we hire at least 100 holiday workers every summer.
  • that we organise a ghost tour every year, with the help of 40 volunteers, which almost 1,000 guests participate in.
  • that for 3 years in a row, we have been organising a very successful food fair through which we raise money for a good cause. We hope that this will become a strong tradition, just like the big ghost tour.
  • that the water at the water skiing course is up to 20 metres deep in some places.
  • that the sand derived from this lake was used for the construction of the A67 motorway. The road to the deepest point underwater is still present as well.


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