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School trips

A great day out with a class or even with the whole school on a field trip to Limburg! The children have a chance to learn while playing and spending carefree time with friends.  
A relaxed day for the children means a day of concerns and “head-counting” for you.
Let our De Schatberg staff unburden you so that you can enjoy the day as well!

There is any number of activities available at De Schatberg that will ensure an amazing day for the children. How about cable skiing, for instance? The children can try a round on water skis under the instruction of a professional staff member. You can also cool off in the indoor pool. Our sport fields and lake are appropriate for any number of fun (sportive) activities such as beach volleyball or soccer. In addition, the forest-rich environment around De Schatberg is a perfect place for a treasure hunt or other games.

Curious about the possibilities for a school trip?
Please feel free to contact us (no obligation); we would love to discuss how De Schatberg can help provide the children with an unforgettable day.

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