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Climbing boat KlimKong

Experience the adventure of KlimKong!

Together with your friends, family or colleagues you can experience a fantastic climbing adventure in our new and unique climbing park! Try to stay upright on the rope bridge and swing through the air from a vine on our climbing boat. Do you dare?

The Climbing boat is constructed from 15- to 22-meter high wooden poles. These poles are attached at different heights with climbing elements that attached to each other. Using a rope ladder, a bridge, a vine or a cable way, you climb or swing from platform to platform.

The Climbing boat consists of 4 different routes. The lowest route already begins at a meter and a half; the most difficult ends at about 15 meters.

The Climbing boat is a part of the KlimKong, a group of young entrepreneurs. De Schatberg is very proud that they have chosen their park as home base for their new climbing park!


Climbing is naturally done following a number of rules:

  • Minimum age is 5, minimum reaching height is 120 cm (only permitted on the lowest route)
  • Every child aged 5 or 6 must be accompanied by an adult (1:1).
  • Children 7-12 can climb all routes and one adult is required for every 4 children.
  • Children between the ages of 13 and 18 must submit a signed parental permission form.
  • Also children whose parents are not present need to submit a signed parental permission form.
  • A form of identity (passport, driver’s license or ID card) will be held as a guarantee for the climbing harness.
  • Sport/casual clothes with sturdy shoes are suggested. No sandals, flip-flops or Crocs!
  • For safety reasons, those weighing more than 120 kilograms are prohibited from participating.


Opening times

Check out their website for opening hours and more information about KlimKong.


15 euros per person for two hours of climbing.

The price includes safety instructions.


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