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Tips for daytrips

Should you be able to tear yourself away from the myriad of activities available at our own park, the surrounding area offers countless possibilities for great daytrips. To give an impression, we’ve selected several popular daytrips for you.

Toverland (“Magic land”) is an out- and in-door amusement park that offers various great rides for all ages. Take an exciting ride on one of the rollercoasters or cause a giant splash in the wild water attraction. There’s also plenty of fun for tiny tots, with the specially designed climbing structures and children’s rides.
Toverland was awarded the BEST AMUSEMENT PARK of the Netherlands in 2010 and was nominated for the ‘Best Daytrip in the Netherlands’ in 2012.
Entrance tickets can be purchased at our front desk at special discount rates.

The best place to get handmade ice-cream, a cup of coffee with a treat or a variety of lunches or dinners. Lo Solé uses the best ingredients. Every week they go to different local gardeners and growers to provide you the best, fresh and local ingredients. They have many types of fruit ice-cream, most of which contain at least 30% fresh fruit for a delicious summer treat!

DOK 6 (Approx. 7 km)
Dok 6 has entertainment for all ages. Enjoy a movie or a theatrical performance, whatever suits your fancy! After the show you can chat about the performance while enjoying a snack and a drink and in the Dok 6 Café Momus. You can find a current agenda of shows on the information board in our central building.

HOEVE DE MIDDELT (Approx. 14 km)
Hoeve de Middelt is beautiful farm with activities for all ages, located next to the Maas river. A fun getaway with farmer golf, tandem and Solex tours, farmer games, GPS tours and the latest activity: Bubble Soccer! After the fun, you can relax on the terrace where the family serves delicious ice-cream and traditional Limburg pie (vlaai).

Klein Zwitserland or “Small Switserland” is a vast adventure park with an exploration forest that guarantees hours of fun. With a large playground with many extras such as a water playground, a “path of senses” and a golf course, Klein Zwitserland is a unique experience. At Klein Zwitserland children and their parents experience an active, playful and adventurous day in a beautiful green environment. Tickets with special discounts are available at the front desk.

If you’re looking for a wonderful day full of relaxation, then Thermaalbad Arcen should be your next stop. Relax in an abundance of thermal baths, Kneipp baths and saunas. Looking for even more pampering? Then Thermaalbad Arcen also has a great variety of treatments, such as massages, body and facial care. Enjoy having a nice tan? Just step into one of the solaria. Afterwards, to satisfy your inners needs, the bistro serves lovely food and drinks.

HERTOG JAN (Approx. 25 km)
Visit the Hertog Jan Beer brewery in Arcen and take part in a tour that shows you how real beer is made. You’ll get a chance to smell the hops and malt and even have a good tasting of the beer itself! After the tour is completed, you have the opportunity to drink a few beers of your own in the café or on the patio. Come over and taste one of the Hertog Jan exclusives!

FUN FOREST (Approx. 20 km)
Are you in for a challenge? If that’s the case, Fun Forest is the place for you! With many climbing trails, rope ladders, bridges and rope slides at – no less than – 15 meter high between the trees. That will get your adrenaline pumping!

SHOPPING (Approx. 40 km)
In the mood for some retail therapy? For great bargains on renowned brands, you can go to the Roermond Outlet Shopping Center. Many outlet stores have come together here, providing fashion tips and trends. The nearby city of Venlo also has a huge variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. The day passes way too quickly!

Do you want to create a memorable day activity but do you lack the time to plan it? Limburgs Uitje organizes the most exciting group activities in North Limburg. Choose from one of their unusual outings, or enjoy a completely organized day together with friend, family or colleagues. Want to top off the day with a delicious barbecue or sensational party? Limburgs Uitje will organize it for you!

Various museums:

MUSEUM OF LIMBURG (Approx. 16 km)
The Museum of Limburg in Venlo takes you back in time to a prehistoric flint mine, the cellar of a medieval house or a Roman town square. The staged productions, deceptively real dolls, sound and music effects, reconstructions and of course the original museum artifacts, will surely transport you back to another era. It’s a day full of education and amusement!

LACE FACTORY HORST (Approx. 13 km)
Simply walking into this museum transports you through history, back to the early 20th century textile industry. Rattling machines operating in a monumental factor with the 30’s feeling engraved in its pores. Surprisingly enough, the museum presentation about textile and the local industry in and around the town of Horst is created in a modern style. There is space for creativity: the museum offers workshops, courses, lectures and tantalizing exhibitions for all ages.

This museum holds a treasure of information about the Peel area, the historic extraction of peat and land reclamations. The main building named ‘De Kamphut’ is a monument in itself, where a part of the exposition is located. It also contains the lobby and food corner. The documentation center shows scale models, historic pictures and maps. A special film corner is designed to relax and watch an engaging film about life in the Peel from days gone by.

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