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De Schatberg
De Schatberg

Hertog Jan Brouwerij

Experience how real Limburg beer is brewed  

If you are a real beer drinker or are curious about how the famous Limburg beer is brewed, be sure to visit the Hertog Jan Brewery in Arcen during your holiday at De Schatberg. Take a guided tour to learn all about the brewing process of this famous beer. And afterwards, be sure to taste one of the delicious beers in the tasting room! The brewery is just half an hour's drive from De Schatberg. 


Experience the love of beer 

Hertog Jan is perhaps one of the best-known beers in the Netherlands and is guaranteed to be the best-known beer in Limburg. The delicious beer is brewed at this brewery on the river Meuse in Arcen. During the tour, you follow the complete brewing process under the guidance of an experienced guide. You smell the hops, taste the malt and, of course, get to sip the beer. After the tour, you will visit the brewery shop to take home the delicious beer you have just discovered. It is even possible, prior to your visit, to order a personalised bottle of Grand Prestige beer. For this bottle, you choose a personal number, which you will collect after the beer has matured in the brewery's maturation cellar. 


After a tour of the brewery, we understand that you do feel like a beer. For that purpose, the Hertog Jan Brewery in Arcen has created a special Tasting Room, where you can taste the most delicious beers and accompanying snacks. The Proeverij has a very extensive menu, so you can even have a complete meal with your delicious beer! At the Proeverij, try a different type of beer than usual, such as the Grand Prestige, Weizener, Tripel or Lentebock. Be surprised by the delicious flavours! 

Visit the Hertog Jan Brewery 

Are you curious about the production process of beer? Or would you just like to taste real Limburg beer in the right setting? Then be sure to take a guided tour at the Hertog Jan Proeverij in Arcen or grab a bite to eat at the Proeverij. The brewery staff will be happy to tell you all about Limburg's tastiest beer and recommend your favourite. To visit, it is important to book a guided tour online. Is this not quite possible? Then we will be happy to help you! 

De Schatberg
De Schatberg