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Meer Bewegen voor Ouderen in het zwembad

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More exercise for the elderly!

You might recognise it; joint trouble, difficulty bending or even difficulty walking. It's all part and parcel of getting older. But that doesn't mean we should sit still. Indeed, by keeping moving we can reduce or even prevent complaints.  

During the MBvO lessons in De Schatberg swimming pool, you work on your condition, strength and coordination under the guidance of an enthusiastic instructor and using various materials. The MBvO lessons are taught in groups of +/- 25 people, ensuring conviviality during and after the lessons. Moving together is more fun than alone!  

Are you prone to injuries? No problem! The risk of injuries is very small. This is because the movements take place in water. Unlike many ground sports, shocks are stopped by the resistance of the water. So there is no need to be afraid of sprains, muscle strains or joint injuries. 

We're here for you!

You can contact us for all your questions on MBvO.


Three reasons to participate 

Medical reasons  

Are you rehabilitating after an operation or accident, or have you been told by your doctor that you need to exercise more? Then the MBvO lessons programme is suitable for you. Due to common complaints, you cannot/may not practice many sports. Exercise in water is often allowed!   

Burning calories  

Even if you would like to lose a few kilos, our MBvO lessons are recommended. Besides losing weight, the lessons will also help you strengthen your arms, back and legs.   

Social contact  

During our classes, you get to exercise together with about 24 other participants. So our MBvO classes are good for both body and mind as the social aspect is an important part of our classes. 


Times and prices

MBvO classes take place on Monday mornings from 9.45 to 10.20 and from 10.25 to 11.00 (excluding school holidays). 

Regular rates

1 lesson € 3.00
10 lessons  € 27.50

Residential guest rates De Schatberg

1 lesson € 2.50
10 lessons  € 22.50
De Schatberg
De Schatberg
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