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National Park De Groote Peel

Beautiful natural park with a rich history 

To completely unwind in nature, we recommend a visit to National Park De Groote Peel. Take a lovely walk, go mountain biking or discover the entire area on a quiet bicycle ride. You will encounter very diverse landscapes and learn all about the rich cultural history of this national park. De Schatberg is only half an hour's drive from National Park De Groote Peel. We will gladly advise you on the most beautiful spots in the nature reserve! 

The history of the landscape 

Due to various changes in the climate, low moors were formed many years ago. Peat moss developed on the edges of this bog. Gradually, this peat moss began to cover the entire low moor, creating raised bogs. This created packages of peat moss up to six metres thick! This thick raised bog is unique in the Netherlands, and to maintain it, it is important to keep a stable water level in the nature reserve. The peat moss not only grew over the low moor, but also grew into the forest. As a result, the forest became wetter and wetter and eventually died out. Eventually, a 30,000-hectare bog area developed in this way on the border of North Brabant and Limburg: National Park De Groote Peel. 

Visit NP De Groote Peel 

The special history of this area has made National Park De Groote Peel a great nature reserve, where there is always something new to discover. There is an awful lot to do in the nature reserve. You can choose to take a walking or cycling tour here on your own initiative. Three pole routes of different distances start at Buitencentrum De Pelen. The bat bridges over the water and swamp and the springy peat soil on some paths, offer an unforgettable experience during these routes. In addition, various excursions are organised for larger groups of people. Children can also discover National Park De Groote Peel all over during one of the special children's activities and learn a lot about (the history of) this special area.  

A warm welcome 

You can discover the national park from the visitor centre of De Groote Peel. Before or after a walk or cycle trip, you can have a lovely stroll through the centre's shop. Here you can buy beautiful souvenirs, interesting nature books or tasty regional products. There is also a catering facility, where you can enjoy a snack and a drink. There is also a playground and a picnic meadow for the whole family to enjoy!  

Would you like to visit this beautiful nature reserve, but don't know where to start? Then come to reception during your stay, where our staff will be happy to advise you on a possible start and end point for your route and tell you places you shouldn't miss in National Park De Groote Peel. 

De Schatberg
De Schatberg