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Zoo Park Overloon

Join the expedition! 

Do you and your children love animals? Or would you like to introduce your children to the most special animals living on our planet? Then visit Zoo Parc Overloon during your holiday at De Schatberg. This amazing and beautiful park is very spacious, with beautiful enclosures for the animals. You will find this zoo just half an hour's drive from holiday park De Schatberg in Overloon in Brabant. 

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Discover the park with an expedition 

To make your route through the park structured, Zoo Parc Overloon has mapped out a route through the park. So that you discover all the animals and don't skip any of them. This route is called the Expedition and starts in the Headquarter. Here you will find cute otters and red pandas, as well as special reptiles and insects. Next, you'll come to Boulders Beach, where you'll see cute penguins. In the Outback, on the contrary, you'll encounter various Australian animals, such as the kangaroo and wallaby.  

In the Amazon, you will find tapirs, various monkeys, raccoons and other exciting animals. Do you like tigers? Then be sure not to miss Jangalee, where you will find several species of tigers. The Itampolo and Ngorongoro areas are home to a wide variety of African animals, such as the lion, giraffe, cheetah and hippo. Conclude your visit with the Madidi area, where you will be overwhelmed for the last time by a wide variety of animals, such as flamingos, giant anteaters and forest dogs. 

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More than a zoo 

You can go and see all the animals yourself at Zoo Parc Overloon, but it is also possible to take part in one of the activities integrated in the day programme. See how the penguins get a tasty fish to eat or let one of the expedition rangers take you to see how the lions or tigers are fed. In between, your children can play in one of the playgrounds or have a nice lunch on one of the terraces in Headquarter or BaseCamp. There are also several shops, where a special souvenir can be scored. A nice memento of this special day at Zoo Parc Overloon!  

Visit Zoo Parc Overloon

Do you want to introduce your children to special animals and give them an unforgettable day? Then be sure to visit Zoo Parc Overloon.

De Schatberg
De Schatberg