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11- to 14-year-olds * TED
The best part of your holidays is of course if you can find a large group of friends. You can hang out with your future friends at ‘TED’. TED stands for ‘Together, Enjoy, Discover’ and makes the perfect place to meet peers and take part in all sorts of activities.

At TED, you can do sports, watch a film, take part in challenges, chill out, party and much more. Our teenage guests have no reason to get bored. In summer, our TED leaders are there for you every day and they are there during all school holidays between Easter and the autumn break.

In addition to all the activities, we want to give room to teenagers’ creativity and their brilliant ideas. The TED programme has been designed to allow this. They will for example  can help us think of cool activities that they can do. Interested in playing ‘The Mole’ all week, but this isn’t on the programme? Tell your TED leaders, so that they can see if it can be arranged.

15 years and older * TED
For our adolescent guests, our motto is ‘TED’. It stands for ‘Together, Enjoy and Discover’. Adolescents are often full of brilliant ideas and we would like to help make some of these become reality. This way, we’re hoping to get the adolescents actively involved in their ideal holiday. We organise special workshops and we offer activities that were designed specifically for our adolescent guests.

Our young entertainment staff are very eager to realise a cool programm for you! So, drop by TED during your holiday to chill out and discover which cool activities are on offer for you. Nothing’s too crazy for chilling out at TED.

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